Ramadan Offers

Distinctive pottery and utensils from 15 and below store and the best Ramadan offers

فخاريات وأواني مميزة من متجر 15 وأقل وأفضل العروض الرمضانية

Distinctive pottery and utensils

Pottery vessels are beloved all over the world for their ability to cook particularly delicious food, 
while concentrating flavors and retaining heat with ease, from Moroccan tagine to Japanese donabe, 
these are not just cooking equipment, as they can go straight from the oven or stove to the table 
while They look just as beautiful as their contents, 
but cooking with clay pots requires a bit of know-how, since they are made of clay, 
they perform differently than metal pots and pans, so 
check out these quick tips on seasoning, cleaning and cooking before you get started.

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