EID Offers

EID Holiday Gift Boxes 2021

Offer Dead Line:
From 28/04/2021
To: 2/5/2021 outside Jeddah or until stock runs out
To: 6/5/2021 within the city of Jeddah or until the stock runs out

Offer description:
This offer is intended for all store customers, and it consists of gift boxes that contain a group of compatible products that are added to orders (one box for each order of 100 riyals or more) according to the terms and conditions of this offer

How to use:
The gift box code will be added before completing the order according to the following codes:
– Holiday Joy Box Code: EID21
– Asakum Box from Awada Code: OWAD21
– Graduation Joy Fund Code: GRAD21

Benefits of the offer:
1. A gift box containing a group of different products worth 40 riyals from the store.

Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer can be used by all store customers, and the selection can be repeated more than once for more than one order.
2. The value of the order must be 100 riyals or more in order to receive the gift box.
3. The gift box is chosen according to the code entered by the customer.
4. It is not possible to add more than one box per order (even if the order value is more than 200 riyals).
5. Some of the contents of the box may be different from other boxes in colors, decorations, patterns, or models.
6. Orders outside Jeddah may be delayed in rare cases as a result of pressure on the shipping company or the carrier, and Store 15 does not bear any consequences for that.
7. This offer is valid until stock lasts or the period ends.

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