15 Rial White Friday Offer

15 Rial White Friday Offer

They are products with a market value of more than 15 riyals, and on the occasion of the White Friday offers, we offer you these products at a price of only 15 riyals, and each customer is entitled to only one piece per order. for a period of Limited time and the items may change or repeat every day until the end of the Quantity

Tearms of use:
Items are selected and placed in the basket without the need to use any code.
Offer benefits:
  • Reducing a group of items randomly to a specified value in 15 riyal.
  • The ability to choose only one piece for each items from the store that who has been added to this offer
Terms and Conditions:
    1. This offer can be availed by all store customers.
    2. It is not possible to add more than one piece (of the same item) for each product chosen from the items of 15 riyal offer.
    3. The terms and conditions of the store apply to this offer.
    4. This offer is valid until stock lasts
    5. The customer cannot, in any way, claim, exchange or sell the value of this offer by any means.

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