Definition of :

Rewards: They are the prizes that the customer receives from the electronic store system, and they may be in-kind gifts, electronic codes or otherwise, and they are automatically disbursed to the customer according to the terms and conditions of the store and do not require a special subscription or specific payments to obtain these rewards
Points: They are electronic points that the customer acquires upon every purchase he makes inside Store 15, and can be used for later discounts on his next purchases, according to the terms and conditions.
Coupons: They are purchasing vouchers or discount vouchers of a certain percentage on in-store purchases, and they are disbursed as rewards or compensation for the customer.

Terms and Conditions for points:

Points are earned through in-store purchases, and store management can exchange additional points that are not required or linked to purchases by the customer, and are as rewards or as the store management deems appropriate.
For every riyal paid in store purchases, the customer gets 10 points (ten points) that are registered in his account in the store.
The customer can benefit from the collected points after reaching 15000 points or higher, and the points cannot be used or exchanged with less than this number.
The Amount of Cart must be 15 SR or more before using the points feature. Points cannot be exchanged if the final Amount of Cart (after any other discounts) is less than 15 SR
Points cannot be exchanged for cash but can only be exchanged for in-store purchases (for now)
Points cannot be transferred to any other account registered in the store.
Points cannot be purchased with cash amounts but only earned through purchases of store products.
Every 1000 points (one thousand points) can be exchanged for one riyal, for example (the number of points 15,000 points = 15 Saudi riyals)
The validity period of the earned points is 6 months (six months). In the event that they are not used, then they are not valid for exchange.
The store management has the right to amend or change these policies at any time as needed or as the store management deems appropriate, without the need to notify the customer of that.
The store management has the right to suspend, suspend or cancel the points of any customer who has been proven to have obtained it by manipulation or by illegal means or by violating the regulations and policies of Store 15, and the customer has no right to object to this.

Terms and conditions for bonuses:

Rewards are disbursed to the customer according to the evaluation of the store management to their customers. Rewards can be disbursed selectively or in a customized manner according to the criteria for store management.
The customer is not entitled to claim to replace the rewards disbursed from Store 15 in any way, and the reward shall be disbursed according to the mechanism of store management.
The customer cannot purchase the rewards to obtain them, but rather they are spent according to what was mentioned in Clause No. (1)

Terms and Conditions for Coupons:

Discount coupons are disbursed according to store policy, or as rewards or compensation for customers in case there are due compensations.
The customer is not entitled to demand to exchange coupons issued from Store 15 or sell them to others in any way.
The customer cannot buy discount coupons to obtain them, but rather acted according to what was mentioned in Item No. (1)

The customer can and is allowed to use only one coupon per purchase, however the customer can take advantage of the points if he has sufficient quantity by exchanging them for an additional discount value with the coupon.
According to the store’s points policy, which you can view on the points policy page, the points that the customer gets from the purchases can only be exchanged as a discount value inside the store, and he cannot sell or transfer them to another person.