Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Return Policy

Definition of shipping:

It is the process of transferring and delivering the customer’s order according to the terms and conditions of Store 15 or less, through a delivery representative or through contracting shipping companies.


It is an envelope of one product or a set of products that have been ordered by the customer and have been prepared by the store15 or less’s team.
The shipment may consist of one package or more for a single order.


It is the process of returning products that were purchased from the store due to a mistake, manufacturer defect in the received product or according to what is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the store.


It is the process of replacing the products that have been purchased from the store with other products according to the terms and conditions.


It is a compensation process for the value of the returned purchase or incomplete confirmed order, including compensation by purchasing vouchers, reward points, discount coupons, or direct transfer to the customer’s bank account.

Terms and conditions for shipping:

The order is shipped after it is confirmed and payment is successful through one of the payment methods available at store 15 and less.
Shipping fees appear on the purchasing order page and before completing the payment to confirm the order.
The delivery man or the shipping company representative will contact you on the mobile phone registered in the order to confirm the location of the delivery.

When the order arrives, you can verify it and you have the option to accept it or return it with the representative and retrieve the payment later.
Shipping is currently available in Jeddah, and soon to the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The shipping options available at store 15 show the period of shipping for each order and the value of the shipping service according to the customer’s choices before approval of the shipping request.

Terms and conditions for refund:

Shop 15 and less provides the service of returning products within a period not exceeding 3 days from the date the customer receives the order.
Compensation for the returned goods is not made until after receiving these goods from the customer and approval of the return request.
In the event that there are any errors or damage to certain goods upon receipt and a request for their recovery, then only the wrong or damaged goods will be recovered, not the entire order, which includes correct and intact goods.
All return items must be in good condition with the original label and packaging.

In the event that the customer desires to return after the order has been delivered the customer would be charged for the delivery fee.

Terms and conditions for exchange:

Only the products to be exchanged are sent not the entire order. All exchanged items must be in good condition with the original label and packaging.

Shop 15 and less provides exchange service within a period not exceeding 7 days from the delivered date of the order.In the event that the customer wants the exchange, he will bear the delivery fees.

The customer has the right to request an exchange in the case of a mistaken, damaged products or the customer own desires to exchange.In the case if the customer noticed a damaged or a wrong product in his order upon receiving it, the customer could exchange the wrong or damaged product only for free.

Terms and conditions for compensation:

In case the compensation is for returning a wrong or damaged product, then the value of that product will be returned to the customer according to the used payment method or a transfer to the customer’s bank account (it must be registered in the name of the customer) within 14 working days of the compensation request approval.

In case the compensation is for returning a purchased product or order only according to the customer’s desire during the available return period (According to the terms and conditions), then the value of that product or order will be returned to the customer’s balance at store 15 and less available for re-purchase or as a special store voucher.


I received a damaged / defective item, can I return it?

Yes, you can return the product and retrieve the amount you paid to your own account or replace it with a better condition one. However, in this case the replaced product and the delivery fees would be charged on the store itself.

I received the wrong item, how can I return it?

you can return the product and retrieve the amount you paid to your own account or replace it with the item you originally purchased. However, in this case the replaced product and the delivery fees would be charged on the store itself.

I changed my mind, can I return the product I have purchased?

If you change your mind about a product or an order before shipping, you may contact us to cancel it or you can cancel it yourself from your store account.

I used my credit card to complete the purchase, how can I get a refund for the amount I paid?

The amount paid will be refunded after approval of the compensation request within 14 working days according to the terms and conditions.

I purchased an order and it arrived but I did not receive it due to special circumstances, the shipment then was returned back to the store, what should I do?

You may contact us via the store’s e-mail or through our social channels to report the issue and we will redeliver your order on a new shipment (but you will be charged for the new shipment) or you could request a voucher of the amount you paid for the order exclude shipment fees.

Privacy Policy

What does privacy policy mean?

It means the process of collecting, storing, using and protecting the customer’s personal information. By the term “personal information” we refer to the information’s related to the identity of a specific person (customer) which can be used to recognize that person.

The data we collect from you:

The data you provide us with when creating an account at the store 15 or less, and the data we collect when you post suggestions or complaints.
Communication records in case of contacting store 15 or less through the store’s various communication channels.
General, demographic and non-personal data.
Order details you purchased at store 15 or less and details of the store team preparing and delivering the products you ordered.
Any other data we consider necessary to enhance your experience in using the store.

How will we use your data:

We will use your personal information when you purchase an order for us to confirm the order.
To improve our services and to provide better and more customized services for your membership at Store 15 or less.
In case our company or all our assets are acquired by another party, customers data will be one of the assets that will be transferred to the new owner.
to provide you with information about the products and available services that you requested. Also, to verify the financial transactions you make on the Internet and to manage your store account.
in case of any events or competitions to inform the winners and announce the offers.
We use the comments and opinions you post on the store’s website for marketing purposes, so by posting these comments, you directly agree to our use of these posts.

To whom can we disclose the data?

We may cooperate with other companies affiliated with us or service providers that are not affiliated with us (for example: shipping companies to deliver the customers’ orders, marketing companies, payment processing companies to conduct online transactions, etc.). It is possible that these companies, in order to carry out your orders and requirements, store data in a digital wallet so that your use of our services is more effective.


We maintain physical, electronic and procedural guarantees designed to protect and prevent misuse of your personal information. Our security measures include physical, technical and administrative measures in accordance with standards to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of your information, maintain data accuracy, ensure appropriate use of information and protect your personal information.
You should check the privacy policy regularly, if your continued use of the site after any changes, you directly agree to this privacy policy as amended according to the terms and conditions.
If you are concerned about your data, you have the right to request access to the personal data that we may hold for you or that you previously provided to us. You have the right to correct any errors in your personal data free of charge and at any time by contacting us through our communication channels.
Please be aware that protecting your personal information is also your responsibility. We request that the customers should be responsible for protecting the password and other authentication information that you use to access our services.

Credit cards and protection from electronic fraud:

“Store 15 or less does not save credit card details after performing payment transaction. However, payment details are only shared through the electronic payment companies with high confidentiality and safety and in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the concerned authorities. the payment process is done by High encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Therefore, it is difficult for any hacker to decrypt your information, and we strongly advise you not to send all your credit or debit card details when you communicate with us electronically and without encryption.”


Your fears and concerns about the confidentiality and privacy of data is a very important issue for us. We hope this will be achieved through this policy.

Rewards & Points and Coupons Policy

Definition of :

Rewards: They are the prizes that the customer receives from the electronic store system, and they may be in-kind gifts, electronic codes or otherwise, and they are automatically disbursed to the customer according to the terms and conditions of the store and do not require a special subscription or specific payments to obtain these rewards
Points: They are electronic points that the customer acquires upon every purchase he makes inside Store 15, and can be used for later discounts on his next purchases, according to the terms and conditions.
Coupons: They are purchasing vouchers or discount vouchers of a certain percentage on in-store purchases, and they are disbursed as rewards or compensation for the customer.

Terms and Conditions for points:

Points are earned through in-store purchases, and store management can exchange additional points that are not required or linked to purchases by the customer, and are as rewards or as the store management deems appropriate.
For every riyal paid in store purchases, the customer gets 10 points (ten points) that are registered in his account in the store.
The customer can benefit from the collected points after reaching 15000 points or higher, and the points cannot be used or exchanged with less than this number.
Points cannot be exchanged for cash but can only be exchanged for in-store purchases (for now)
Points cannot be transferred to any other account registered in the store.
Points cannot be purchased with cash amounts but only earned through purchases of store products.
Every 1000 points (one thousand points) can be exchanged for one riyal, for example (the number of points 15,000 points = 15 Saudi riyals)
The validity period of the earned points is 6 months (six months). In the event that they are not used, then they are not valid for exchange.
The store management has the right to amend or change these policies at any time as needed or as the store management deems appropriate, without the need to notify the customer of that.
The store management has the right to suspend, suspend or cancel the points of any customer who has been proven to have obtained it by manipulation or by illegal means or by violating the regulations and policies of Store 15, and the customer has no right to object to this.

Terms and conditions for bonuses:

Rewards are disbursed to the customer according to the evaluation of the store management to their customers. Rewards can be disbursed selectively or in a customized manner according to the criteria for store management.
The customer is not entitled to claim to replace the rewards disbursed from Store 15 in any way, and the reward shall be disbursed according to the mechanism of store management.
The customer cannot purchase the rewards to obtain them, but rather they are spent according to what was mentioned in Clause No. (1)

Terms and Conditions for Coupons:

Discount coupons are disbursed according to store policy, or as rewards or compensation for customers in case there are due compensations.
The customer is not entitled to demand to exchange coupons issued from Store 15 or sell them to others in any way.
The customer cannot buy discount coupons to obtain them, but rather acted according to what was mentioned in Item No. (1)


I have more than one discount coupon, can I use it in one purchase?

The customer can and is allowed to use only one coupon per purchase, however the customer can take advantage of the points if he has sufficient quantity by exchanging them for an additional discount value with the coupon.

I have points and I want to exchange them for cash?

According to the store’s points policy, which you can view on the points policy page, the points that the customer gets from the purchases can only be exchanged as a discount value inside the store, and he cannot sell or transfer them to another person.

Payment policy

Definition of payment:

It is the process of paying the value of the purchased orders from the store15 or less by the customer through the available payment methods such as cash payment on delivery (if available), bank credit cards approved by the store, vouchers or through reward points.

Terms and conditions for payment:

We accept cash payment upon receipt of purchases, as an alternative method of payment with a credit card, if applicable.

You can pay cash once you receive your order from the delivery representative or the shipping company. Since providing this service to our customers initiate an additional cost by the shipping company, we will add extra fees to any order, regardless the number of products that any order contains.

Payment can be divided between vouchers and reward points or discount (by the given discount codes), but the payment cannot be divided between multiple credit cards and cannot be combined with cash on delivery.

All credit card payments (debit card) are subject to verification and authorization by the issuer. Credit card information will not be stored, sold, shared or rented to any third party, except for our online payment service provider. You can freely choose between any of the following options to pay your purchasing order: Visa, MasterCard, Mada card.


Is store 15 and below safe to pay online?

Shop 15 and below guarantee you a 100% safe shopping experience. Credit card numbers are not stored on our systems, and payment details are encrypted prior to transmission using the latest electronic encryption technologies that follow the highest security standards. We also follow the strictest protocols to ensure that our customers’ personal information is not disclosed to a third party.

How long does it take to transfer the refunded amount to my bank account?

The amount paid is refunded after the return request approved and it takes about 14 working days.

How long does it take to transfer the refunded amount to my account balance?

The amount paid is refunded to the customer’s balance in the store immediately after the return request approved.

Is the amount deducted directly from the credit card upon order confirmation?

Yes, the amount is deducted directly upon order confirmation by the customer.

Data update and development:

All data, policies, alerts, terms and conditions are subject to review, develop and update on a regular basis and that is according to what the 15 and less store management deems appropriate without the need for prior notice.