Update shipping rates and Cash on delivery

Update shipping rates and Cash on delivery Policies

Dear customers and visitors to the store 15 and less .. We inform you that, according to the store’s policies and terms and conditions .. We note that starting from the date of 10-12-2021 we will modify the shipping prices inside and outside the city of Jeddah and set a specific ceiling for the method of payment upon receipt and also add cities in addition to the service Payment on receipt… within the framework of improving the service and customer experience at the store… We are grateful and appreciative for your understanding and cooperation…

About the price of shipping change & Cash on delivery Policies:
    • The economic shipping price within the city of Jeddah will be 15 SAR.
    • The price of Fast shipping within Jeddah will be 22 SAR.
    • The Economy Shipping price outside Jeddah will be SAR 17.5 SAR.
    • The free shipping offer will be available for orders with a basket value above 75 SAR inside Jeddah
    • A ceiling will be set for the payment method Cash on delivery so that the method of payment Cash on delivery is available only for orders with a total amount less than 300 riyals and within the cities specified by the store.
    • The terms and conditions of the store apply
    • The cash on delivery method has been opened and available for these additional cities:
      1. Khamis Mushait
      2. Najran
      3. Tabuk
      4. Al-Baha